About Us

OurHalfAcreHomesteadGoatsOur Half Acre Homestead began as a bank sale purchase. There was a small home with a partially open and unfinished basement. No light fixtures, water heater, pump or heat source except and old wood-stove in the basement. That was in 2007! We have been working on it ever since!

MANY people ask..How do you do all you do on only a half acre!? We plan EVERYTHING carefully! We grow and raise what we can. Most of our produce and animals are seasonal so we harvest a lot in the fall..keeping only what animals we need , over winter,to breed the following.  We do not have room to keep a sow or we would. So pigs are purchased yearly as piglets and we raise them over the summer. We keep turkeys for breeding and raising as well as chickens and goats. ALL of our birds are heritage breeds that we have cross bred. The same with the goats. We are not into PURE BREEDS, but like to mix it up to keep it as natural as possible.

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We tap our maple trees..and have raised bees in the past. Anything we can’t grow ourselves we buy at the locals farmers market. All hay, straw and feed.  Anything we grow we do so organically without the use of pesticides. However we cannot always do everything we want organically. Feed is purchased and organic feed is not available to us here. So we chose, our having had a lifetime of health issues..we had to step back and look at what we were putting in our bodies..and the change began that day! We do the best we can with what we have and with our budget. Today I am proud to say..our life is a THOUSAND FOLD better than it was before we decided to make a change. So all of our animals spend summers outdoors!

All Hay, Straw and Food is locally sourced, grown, raised or brought onto..and fell in love with.. OUR HALF ACRE HOMESTEAD!  Our Motto…..

Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do or DO WITHOUT!

Back to basics lifestyle without all the clap trap. Life is to busy to allow myself to complicate it further..I like technology..or I would not have my YouTube channels..
BUT,,knowing how to live without it brings life into a more acceptable balance for me I have chosen to go forward in reaching backwards to learn from my ancestors! We Garden, We preserve foods for winter..we raise as much of our own meat as possible and hunt…we work very hard at weaning out the chemicals not just on our little half acre..but in our food also…our many mottoes include…

” Make it over, Make it Do, or Do without!” OR If you don’t understand the ingredients list..don’t buy it!” Or ” If my grandmother wouldn’t recognise it as food..neither do I!!”
and my favourite..”My Body is not a chemical processing I do my best not to feed it chemicals!”


The Volfies